Still Safe in the US!

By Darrin Stobaugh

Still Safe in the US!

As Treasuries climb and yields slide to record lows due to continued speculation that Greece’s failure to achieve their bailout targets and worsen the European debt crisis, has made US Treasuries the safest place for investor’s money.  On the bright side, money from around the world is coming to the US, which helps bolster the US economy.  For more safe news, check out:

Oil slips on Europe!

Crude oil has declined dramatically today as the European debt crisis continues to weigh on the speculation of demand for crude oil.  On the bright side, the less oil costs, usually the cost of gas declines, which allows Americans to have more spendable cash for housing or consumer goods, which both boost our economy.  For more slick news on oil, click:

Our prayers!

Usually we post news of the Weird here, but we find it more poignant to take this space to take a moment to send our prayers and good thoughts to the victims and their families of the Denver, Colorado shooting.  So please join us in a moment of silence………….



Thank you!

Today’s rates are slick as oil and sliding down by a few ticks!

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By Darrin Stobaugh


After the anticipated elections took place Sunday in Greece, that saw enough votes to form a government, which avoided a Greek exit of the Euro, there is still concern that European leaders will not be able to get a handle on the debt crisis.  On the bright side, the Federal Reserve starts policy meetings to debate additional steps to help US growth and protect the US against further European potential bailouts.  For more Long Bonds and Fed news, check out:

Twist and Shout!

The Fed is expected to continue Operation Twist when it meets tomorrow to discuss further steps to boost growth in the US.  The expectation is that the Fed will ease policy further which should show the Feds determination to establish more confidence.  On the brighter side, a continuation of Operation Twist and an ease in policy, should help boost home sales while keeping rates low.  For more on what is expected, click:

The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s!

Beings the feud is the most famous of family feuds in the United States, it seems that reconciliation would never come about.  Well you would be right, because even though the wounds have healed and there is no more animosity among the families, officials in West Virginia prefer to promote the feud as never ending!  For more of the Family Feud, point that mouse and fire some buckshot at:

Today’s rates are not feuding with borrowers; they are trending down by a few ticks!

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Buy more Bolognaise!

By Darrin Stobaugh

Retail Sales still a drag!

Treasuries gained today following the report that U.S. retail sales continued to decline for 2 months straight, which has investors concerned about weak consumer spending which could slow economic growth.  On the bright side, some dealers feel that it supports the need for more stimulus packages, because everything is on the table.  For more on the upcoming auction tomorrow, check out:

Will Italy follow Spain?

It seems like a domino effect these days in the euro-zone!  We started with Greece, then Spain and now there is concern that Italy may be the next to seek a bail out!  All eyes are on the bond auction Italy is holding which will sell 4.5 billion euro ($5.62 Billion) in medium- and long-term debt.  If it doesn’t go well the fears may be realized that Italy will seek a bail out, but the issue is there may not be enough funds in the EU to accomplish that.  On the bright side, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has stated in a German radio interview that his country is not preparing to seek a bailout and that Italy has something that other EU countries lack and that is discipline.  For more Bolognaise on Italy, click:

It was this or a $450 pizza!

I don’t think I would eat either, but take a look at this.  An electric blue Lobster found in Nova Scotia.  I am no nuclear engineer, but I really hope this is a natural phenomenon and not a radiation contamination of the Lobsters in Canada!  I guess if it was glowing green, maybe that would be more of a concern, but I am still not eating that!  To get your claws on it, pinch your mouse on:

Today’s rates are a bit fishy as they are trending up or down even among the same products depending on rate!

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Fears Spur Record Low!

By Darrin Stobaugh

Fears Spur Record Low!

It seems the fear of the solvency of the banking system in Europe has driven the Treasury 10-year note yields to a record low.  Spain is having issues trying to infuse capital back into its banks and Italian bonds dropped due less than expected target on its debt auction. All this does the same thing, a run for cover of safe investments.  On the bright side, inflation seems to be unaffected as job growth and the European crisis still dragging inflation down.  For more on the Bonds and Bunds check out:

Are we seeing the end of the Euro?

With Greece contemplating pulling out of the euro-zone, and now Spain looking like they are in worse shape than Greece, and may be contemplating exiting the euro-zone too, will this create a “follow the leader” scenario?  It appears that the fear of Spain exiting is getting bigger as the country is too big to rescue, and they lack the political hang-ups of blowing up their relationship with the European Union.  They also do not have a lot of good reasons to stay in the euro.  On the bright side, there are so many smaller economies in the euro-zone that pulling out of the euro would not make sense for them, as it does not cost the European Union much to bail out and support the smaller economies.  For the one, two, three, four, five and six on Spain’s position, click:

I am sure his mother told him not to play with fireworks!

So we have all been told at one time or another that we should not play with fireworks, because we could blow off a finger, or hand, or lose an eye, but I will bet our parents never could have imagined this.  Our poor mis-guided soul, Nick Beheng, 31, of Linwood Township in Minnesota was firing off illegal fireworks around his home when he put two mortar rounds in one tube to try and shoot both off simultaneously and wound up blowing a mortar into his chest cavity!  The doctors had to call in the bomb squad, because they found out the mortar was still live!  So, if your mother didn’t tell you, then let me, DO NOT PLAY WITH FIREWORKS!!!  For more explosive description of this story, light the fuse on this:

Today’s rates are trending down a tick, so no fear here!

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McDonald’s Sells Bonds?

By Darrin Stobaugh

McDonald’s selling Bonds?!

I guess selling hamburgers isn’t lucrative enough as McDonald’s Corp will be selling $750 million of bonds just four months after the company stated the lowest yield on 30-year debt.  The sale is a two part sale of three-year and seven-year notes.  The proceeds appear to be scripted for general corporate uses.  On the bright side, maybe now they will have enough revenue to make an Angus Burger Big Mac!  Yes, you heard the idea here first, an Angus Burger Big Mac!  For more of the Bond Hamburger, check out:

Can Brussels “sprout” a growth plan?

It appears that the Euro has dropped to its lowest level versus the dollar since mid 2010 due to continued concerns over the possibility of the wake Greece could unleash if it exits the euro-zone.  European leaders are meeting in Brussels to try and figure out employment and plans for growth.  On the bright side, looks like a great time to shop online overseas in the euro-zone.  Maybe you can get those Italian Culottes for a better price than Wal-Mart?  For more sprouting news click:

Top Cop? Top Dog? I smell trouble!

Today kicks off the annual United States Police Canine Associations three day national detector dog trials.  Most the makes are German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, both big and small.  Teams from across the country will compete in Florida to be tested on their ability to sniff out drugs, explosives, arson materials, cadavers and wild game.  I wonder if they will use an underwear bomb to test the canine, although I would not want to be the one wearing them as then the dog may be sniffing out a cadaver!  For more K9 sniffing fun, leash your mouse and drag it over to:

Today’s rates are trending down by a jump….so celebrate and go have a Big Mac!

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What’s $1 Billion Dollars among friends?

By Darrin Stobaugh

What’s $1 billion dollars among friends?

It appears that JP Morgan & Chase Co. have slightly under estimated the trading losses it stated the company had last week.  The estimate has been exceeded by $1 billion dollars so far, and there is a possibility of continued losses as hedge funds and investors capitalize on the banks distress.  On the bright side, the loss is not tied to the ongoing Greece saga.  For more on this check out:

A Misery Index?

So it appears Wells Fargo Advisors have a chart called the “Misery Index”!  Apparently this index tracks consumer sentiment on the economy.  This index shows that unemployment is still really high and that inflation has not declined much.  On the bright side, the reports states that the unemployment rate and inflation have been on the decline over the recent few months.  This has left consumers only feeling a “little better”, but overall sentiment is way below what it was at the pre-recession peak.  For more and the actual chart click on:

I think she has a career with the CIA!

If Hannah continues with her current talent, the CIA should recruit her as soon as she is 18; however, on the flip side, the CIA, FBI and the local police might want to put her name in their data bases should there be a jump in break ins where the locks have been picked!  To check out this 5 year olds talent Master your mouse over to:

Today’s rates are still trending down by a good tick or two…which should alleviate some misery!

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Is Greece contagious?

By Darrin Stobaugh

Is Greece contagious?

As the yield on the 10-year note rose two basis points, 0.02, it appears that there is concern not necessarily about Greece’s troubles, as it is about the possibility that their collapse could be contagious within the euro-zone banks.  The European Central Bank suspended some of Greece’s banking operations because of the failure thus far to have complete recapitalization plans. On the bright side, reports have shown that US Home Builders have increased housing starts by a larger number than was forecasted for April.  For more yield and speculation information check out:

Low interest rates to continue?

The Federal Reserve seems to think that the indications of an upswing in growth aren’t enough to change their current guidance that interest rates should stay exceptionally low until the end of 2014.  The minutes from their April meeting reflect that projections on the economy seem to be uncertain and they would make no changes to their guidance.  On the bright side, if low rates were not enough, some members hinted at the possibility of additional monetary policies to help the economy should it start to slip again or if downside risks were great enough.  For more on the Fed meeting minutes, click on:

May I have a Snorkel with my Guinness?

So you think you have experienced some of the greatest bars on the planet right?  Well Guinness has topped them all!  Check out the new Guinness Sea Experience Bar!  A submarine completely decked out as a bar, but not just any bar, a bar that reflects the company’s brand statement “Alive inside” and a “fluid” concept.  To check out what they created for the brands 250th anniversary torpedo your mouse over to:

 Today’s rates are a bit flat, not really trending significantly in any one direction.

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Greece-y Situation!

By Darrin Stobaugh

Greece fails and Germany wins!

Greek leaders have again failed in their meetings to form a government so elections will now be held.  This has driven investors, yet again, to the safe assets.  After European reports showed the region avoided a recession, the 10-year yield was driven up from its lowest level in seven months.  On the bright side, Germany expanded faster than economists had predicted.  For more on the ups and downs of the euro-zone, check out:

Inflation is easing but the Fed is still uneasy!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that in April the Consumer Price Index was flat.  The expected decrease in CPI in May is 0.2% due in part to the drop in gasoline prices.  Energy prices have been the main driver of the ups and downs of the CPI over the last 12 months.  This is something the Fed cannot control; however, underlying inflation is something the Fed can control and it shows only signs of acceleration.  On the bright side, the economy is not in danger of hyperinflation or deflation, so there is no real reason for the Fed to respond.  For more commentary on the CPI see:

Fish Fry Friday gets fishy!

As consumers, we expect when an establishment advertises something and then does not follow through, that there should be some recompense for the problem.  Usually a company will state there is a limit on something to alleviate any issues of when “enough is enough”.  In other words, if a store advertised M&M’s for 1 cent, and did not set a limit on how many one person could buy, where does the store’s responsibility end?  Do they have to continue to order M&M’s from the candy maker until the person runs out of money?  Or only when the store runs out of stock?  Well a man in Wisconsin apparently tested the limit at an All You Can Eat Friday Fish Fry.  After eating twelve pieces of fish, the patron requested more and was told they were running out and cut him off.  After a good deal of complaining, the restaurant sent the man home with eight more pieces of fish.  But the man was not satisfied and decided to picket the restaurant.  So a cautionary tale here, if you go to an All You Can Eat Friday Fish Fry, you may want to bring a lawyer along!  For more of the fishy story, swim your mouse over to:

Today’s Rates are not fishy or Greece-y, they are still trending down by a couple of ticks!

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Multiple Failures

By Darrin Stobaugh

10-year Treasuries rise as Greece may exit!

Greece’s leaders are readying themselves for more meetings in an attempt to form a coalition government to try and stop the possibility it will be forced out of the Euro area.  This has driven the yield on the 10-year note to a low not seen in the past seven months.  On the bright side, the popular turn of phrase today by traders is “The flight-to-quality”, thus investors are looking for a safe place to invest, to try and protest themselves from any fall out that could occur with Greece exiting the euro area.  For more on the Treasury advances and Greece’s woes check out:

J.P. Morgan $2 Billion trade “fail”!

J.P. Morgan last week disclosed it had lost $2 billion in trading losses which has led to Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew to “retire”.  Drew has been with the company for over 30 years, so it appears retirement is more of a protection of the retirement package she is due, rather than relieving her of her job.  On the bright side, she will no longer be making investment decisions with clients’ money any longer and replacing her is Matt Zames, currently the co-head of global fixed income in the investment bank and head of capital markets in the mortgage banking arm.  For more on the epic loss, click on:

A cautious tale…..

If you ever find yourself down on your luck and to a point that robbing an establishment somehow seems like a great idea, and we don’t advocate ever breaking the law, but if you do find yourself in that position, pick the place more carefully than Keithan Manuel did!  Keithan Manuel found this out the hard way.  He attempted to rob a police station!  Yes, you read correctly, a police station!  While he later tries to say he was pulling a practical joke, the cops were not amused and did not believe it to be one.  For more and the video on the story, detain your mouse and perp walk it over to:

Today’s rates are trending down from Friday!

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FNMA profitable?

By Darrin Stobaugh

FNMA Profitable!!!!

FNMA reported income of $2.7 billion for the first quarter of 2012!  This is the first profit the company has had since federal regulators took over in 2008 and tried to right the ship which was seeing losses that almost made the company implode.  Being the largest backer of U.S. home loans makes this news even more important.  And if that news wasn’t bright enough, the brighter side is that FNMA will not seek any further aid from the Treasury to balance its books.  For more on the progress of FNMA check out:

Treasury yields drop and Greece is lost!

Treasury yields drop on the 10-year notes amid concern of Greece’s post election immobilization of their government.  Greek politicians have been complacent when they need to be proactive in forming a government.  This foot dragging further concerns members of the euro-zone that Greece will not be able to commit to the new governing environment and hold to stringent austerity measures of the international lenders that have bailed out Greece.  On the bright side, the sale of 10-year notes by the Treasury Department had some bidders offering to buy 2.09 times the amount of debt sold.  In addition, the bulk of these purchases were done by bidders who hold on to purchases longer which is considered good for the government.  For more dollars and sense, see:

I didn’t know Spiderman could fly!!

This video shows a guy with a Spiderman outfit and helmet on a rocket bike that hit over 200 mph in under 7 seconds!  I guess the Green Goblin can’t out run Spidy on his rocket sled anymore!  For the fast video, have your mouse burn rubber over to:

Today’s rates apparently don’t like FNMA being profitable as they are trending up a few ticks!

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